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Are your lifestyle choices making you sick?

Maybe you’ve noticed…

You know you can’t carry on like this, but what’s the solution? Another cookie-cutter diet plan and crazy exercise regime…

You know that’s not going to give you the results you want

After all improving your health is about more than what you eat and how much you exercise, it’s also about how well you sleep and deal with stress

Imagine if you had a personalised, science backed solution that worked across all four lifestyle areas

Well that’s where I come in…

I’m Leah

A working, mum of three who is constantly fielding requests like “Can you…” or “I can’t find my…” and “I need to have..”. So I totally get how little time you have to shoehorn yet another thing into your life, which is why I ensure that the skills and strategies I teach don’t feel like yet another thing to add to your to-do list.  

I’m also health scientist, lifestyle change strategist and your fiercest health advocate. I know what works well and I’ve developed a lifestyle change programme that’s tailored to you and based on these scientific principles. 

Over the last 14 years I’ve worked in health protection & public health on programmes to improve health & wellbeing and provide support to doctors across England and Wales to decide on the right course of treatment for their patients.

Yep that’s right! With me…

healthy becomes YOUR new normal

The only psychologically backed, health goal setting programme that guides you though the process of designing your best health across all four lifestyle areas in as a little as 5 days so that you can finally live well for longer

Here’s a blow by blow description of what you get…

Round 1: The Sickness Smackdown Strategy

Define your big health vision and start tracking your lifestyle behaviours, so that you can fast-track your transformation process

Discover how the Flawless Five Framework helps you personalise your healthy lifestyle transition

Set yourself up for success, with preparation tips that will make your transition effortless

Round 2: Tackle Your Lifestyle Baddies

Identify how your lifestyle behaviours are keeping you sick and the ‘biggest-bang-for-your-buck’ behaviour change tactic, that will cause even the most hardened of your bad habits to fall like a house of cards

Start developing the four healthy lifestyle areas of your plan, you’ll get suggested recipes, tips and techniques to help you wrangle restlessness, up level activity, guzzle goodness and subdue stress 

Round 3: 30 Days and Beyond

Map out your 30 day game plan, so that your lifestyle change happens on autopilot 

Discover how to evaluate your plan, and make the necessary tweaks so that you can continue your plan beyond your first 30 days

And AS If that weren’t enough…

Bonus 1: Expert Feedback on Your 30 day Plan

Get my feedback on your 30 day plan, available to the first 10 people who purchase the Sickness Smackdown Starter Kit.

Value – £50

Bonus 2: Sickness Smackdown Private Facebook Group

A private supportive community to get you questions answered and keep you motivated and accountable. That’s right no more excuses!

Value – £100

picture yourself Healthier, fitter and so full of energy your kids beg YOU For a time out

That’s exactly what you get with this kit. 


All because you now have the keys to the…

The fastest, most effective way to kickstart your transition to a healthier lifestyle that lasts

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Sickness Smackdown Starter Kit - £27

Please understand that refunds are not offered due to the nature of the product on sale which cannot be returned


Q. How is this any different from what I've tried before?
  A. Trust me, you’ve never tried anything like this before.  The Sickness Smackdown Starter Kit is based on real science, it marries behaviour psychology to research science to give you the tools you need to improve your health and make lifestyle changes work for you long term.  
Q. Will it work for me if I already have a health issue?
  A. You bet your bottom dollar it will! The kits are based on behavioural psychology and designed to help you improve your overall health. While you may not get a complete resolution of your condition the changes you make with your chosen kit will put you on the path to better health. PLEASE DO NOT STOP TAKING ANY MEDICATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN PRESCRIBED and feel free to talk to your doctor about what you’re doing.  
Q. Can I buy the Sickness Smackdown Starter Kit for a friend?
  A. Sure! This kit makes great birthday, Christmas, Diwali, anniversary, Chinese New Year, Jewish New Year, Eid al-Fitr or Happy Tuesday gifts for family and friends. When you reach the checkout area just create a username and password for the owner and don’t forget to send them the sign up details.  
Q. Okay I'm in, how do I get started?
A. Click the beautiful, black ‘buy now’ button where you’ll be taken through to the payment section and can pay for your kit through Paypal or your credit card. You’ll enter your information and create a username and password that you’ll use to access your kit. Once that’s done you can get started right away on this life-changing masterclass.
Q. Can I expect to look 10 years younger?
  A. Scientifically speaking, absolutely!  Telomeres (shoelace tip like-structures that preserve the information in our DNA) serve as a biological clock determining the lifespan of a cell and an the organism that’s made up of cells. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that certain lifestyle factors like smoking, being overweight, physical inactive or eating an unhealthy diet may well shorten your telomere length negatively affecting your lifespan and health. So making changes to these areas will have a positive impact.  
Q. Can I cancel at anytime?
A. You sure can, but please be aware that the Sickness Smackdown Starter Kit is non-refundable
Q. Why should I buy it, I'm pretty busy right now?
  A. Because you’re wasting precious time and energy chasing generic, “this-might-work-for-you” solutions to your very real and urgent problem. And the sooner you have a proven, personalised solution to deal with that problem the better your life and that of your families will be.  


are you ready to take sickness out, before it has the chance to take you out?


Instant access to all 3 rounds

To finally supercharge your health transformation


Worksheets, tracker and cheat sheets

To help you pinpoint your unhealthy habit(s) and neutralise them


Suggested recipes, workouts, stress management tips and sleep techniques

To power up your transition to a more energised YOU


Lifetime access

So you can refer back to these resources at your leisure


Get Me to Review Your Plan

Get expert feedback on your 30 day plan (only available to to first 10 purchases..so be quick)


Sickness Smackdown Private Community

To support you in designing your plan, answer your questions and keep you motivated & accountable 

Get your health back on track!

Start now for only £27* 

*special price offer for 48 hours only

Sickness Smackdown Starter Kit - £27

Please understand that refunds are not offered due to the nature of the product on sale which cannot be returned

remember Your ‘special priced’ offer will disappear in…


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